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Film Cover & Cut to Length Machine for Sheet Coil

Consists of one uncoiler with capacity of 5000kgs and its base

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Technical Parameters

Material Spec            Color steel sheet;
Thickness                0.3~0.8 mm
Coil stress              235Mpa 

Working Speed            10 ~ 12 m/min. 
Hydraulic Uncoiler       Max. Capacity: 5000kgs
Coil width:              12500mm
Type of cutting          film covered and length-set cutting

Component and Function

Coil Feeding Equipment   Consists of one uncoiler with capacity of 5000kgs and its base. The steel sheet is manually fed to the guiding equipment under the function of friction and traction 

Guiding Equipment     Adopting guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The coil is guided in the correct position and passed to the roll forming equipment.
Leveling equipment      consist several rolls to straigten the sheet.
Post Cut Equipment     The length and blocks can be set by the buyer through the control panel, when reach the set length, the machine will cut the panel automatically. The cutting is finished under the power of hydraulic station
PLC Control Panel      The electric controlling system of this machine consists of five parts: operating system, screen, PLC, transducer and strong electricity part. The controlling system of this machine are imported from Mitsubishi company of Japan.

Working Flow

Decoiling the sheet  Sheet guiding    film covered       Measure length      Cutting the panel     panels to supporter table

Standard Equipment of Machine

 passive Uncoiler                  1pc
 Guiding Equipment                 1set
 Leveling equipment                1set
 Post Cut Equipment                1set
 PLC Control system                1pcs 
 Supporter table                   1pcs

Our service

1.Professional engineers are available to be sent to the customers' factory to install and debug the machines and train the staff how to operate and maintain the machines.
2.We can design different kinds of profiles and fittings for machine,  as per customer's requirements. You can send me the profile drawing and we will design the machine for you.
3.Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insures every product's quality.
4.Professional packing teams which keep every packing safely.
(1) Rollers are put on anti-rust oil and packed by bubble wraps; some other electric parts are packed by bubble wraps as well. 
(2)The oil hose and electric wires ae marked, and easy to be connected when used; 
(3)In container loading, sea-worthy, well fixed by wire rope, wooden block and nails.
5.One-year warranty will be assured for all our machines. Moreover, We promise to provide permanent technical support and after-sales service with our customers.
6.We warmly welcome you to visit our factory for more detailed information, inspecting our machines and we will pick you up at HangZhou Railway station.



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