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Steel Coil Slitting Machine

support the material steel coil,in order that the coil car can feed the coil into the hydraulic uncoiler.

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Product Name: Slitting Machine for Sheet Coil 


This line includes supportable table, coil car, hydraulic uncoiler, sheet guiding equipment, leveling system, shearing equipment, liner equipment, slitting equipment, coil arm, electric controlling system and recoiler equipment. 

Technical Parameters

aterial Specification : galvanized steel sheet at stress 235Mpa (33ksi); less than 450Mpa.

Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0 mm, 

Coil widt: 500-1600mm

Coil inner diameter: 508mm-610mm

Coil out diameter: less than 2000mm

Max coil weight: 30T

Product coil inner: 508mm 

diamer  : less than 1500mm

Product coil out diamt: 10T

Product coil weig: 0-120m/min

Production speed: +-0.05 at thickness 0.5-1.0mm; +-0.1mm at thickness 1.1-2.0mm; +-0.15mm at thickness 2.1-3.0mm;

The slit width : 0.2mm/m

toleranc: less than 0.05mm

         : 30mm

Slitting straighten : 20 strips

tolerance: 3-15mm

the slitting burr: 2strips

Min slit width: less than 150kgs/roll

The slit strip quantit: 220kw

The waste edge: about 68T

The quantity of waste edge: 250000mm*8500mm

The Max weight of waste edge
The main power
The weight of the line
The demension of the line

1. Supporter table: support the material steel coil,in order that the coil car can feed the coil into the hydraulic uncoiler.

2. Coil car: made of the coil car main body, V elevator, lifting oilcan, lifting post. And main motor, reducer and train transfer equipment, and railway. with the function lifting and moving.

3. Hydraulic uncoiler with both head: consist of the frame and railway and hydraulic cylinder,washer ,hydraulic oilcan.

4. Guiding equipment: Consists of flexing supporter panel and oilcan.

5. Rectify Equipment: Consist of one stand of rolls,and can adjust the rolls distance to adapt to different thickness.

6. Shearing equipment: can cutting at the length when you need.

7. Middle bridge 1#: guiding the sheet when the sheet twists.

8. Fix the width equipment: limited rolls mainly adjust the width from 500mm to 1600.and fixed.and limited the sheet out the limited rolls when high speed.

9. Slitting equipment: consisit of the fixtable base and movable base, the up and down knife shaft, the equipment of lifiting the up knife shaft, and fix the shaft equipment. the knife shaft diameter: 240mm the knife diameter 350mm, and thickness 10mm. Main power: 75kw.

10. The press the end of the coil equipment: press the coil when slitting will be finished.

11. The waste side recoiler: recoiler the waste side after slitting.

12. Middle bridge 2#: reduce the speed difference at different equipment.

13. Separate euipment: consist of separate rolls and its base.in order that every strip go ahead in their orbit.

14. Recoiler equipement: finish recoil the strips slitted.main power:90kw

15. Hydrauli supporter: support the recoil shaft to get more capacity.

16. The unload coil car: It is near the uncoiler car

17. Hydraulic pneumatic system: consist of motor,oil pump, hydraulic value, oil
tank, oilcan, hydraulic pipe, cylinder, and value, control the whole line hydraulic move. main power. 11kw, oil pump: pv1-23 (the speed is 33L/MIN)  system pressor: 14Mpa, air irignal pressor 0.7Mpa.(0.9m3/min)  and the air original is provided by the buyer.

18. Electril control: consist of the standard electric box, main control panel, vice control panel and the swich box. the whole line is under control, the main control panel can control the slitting speed, and spot slitting and continuous slit.

Our service

1.Professional engineers are available to be sent to the customers' factory to install and debug the machines and train the staff how to operate and maintain the machines.
2.We can design different kinds of profiles and fittings for machine,  as per customer's requirements. You can send me the profile drawing and we will design the machine for you.
3.Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insures every product's quality.
4.Professional packing teams which keep every packing safely.
(1) Rollers are put on anti-rust oil and packed by bubble wraps; some other electric parts are packed by bubble wraps as well. 
(2)The oil hose and electric wires ae marked, and easy to be connected when used; 
(3)In container loading, sea-worthy, well fixed by wire rope, wooden block and nails.
5.One-year warranty will be assured for all our machines. Moreover, We promise to provide permanent technical support and after-sales service with our customers.
6.We warmly welcome you to visit our factory for more detailed information, inspecting our machines and we will pick you up at HangZhou Railway station



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