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Features And Components Of Wall Panel Pressing Machine

Wall panel presses produced products are widely used in large and medium-sized industrial civilian buildings, such as factories, warehouses, garages, hangars, sports venues, exhibition halls, theaters and other walls.

(1) wall panel pressure machine characteristics

1, plate formation, smooth lines.

2, by the technical research board small side no waves, lap together with accurate and reasonable, able to effectively waterproof and rain.

3, the process of advanced: the use of continuous production of the line by the cold-formed after the precise length of cutting a piece of forming a regular shape of the length of the exact consistency of the rules. The appearance of the molded workpiece is high.

4, high productivity: the line only 2-3 people operation, simple operation, low labor intensity, the line production speed of 0-20 m / min Promise adjustable, the normal running speed: 14 - 16 m / min.

5, high reliability: the line of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical systems, the main components are imported high-quality components, performance, stability, reliability, high technical parameters for materials, hot-rolled steel plate SS490 SS440 q235A Q195 SPHC cold rolled steel plate SS490 SS440 Applicable material thickness 2.0- 4.0mm parts rolling speed 0-20m / min single piece weight 5000kg coil diameter φ508 ± 10mm φ610 ± 10mm roll width 100-450mm installed total power of about 250kw.

(2) the composition of the wall panel press

Unscrewing machine, guiding device, main pressure type equipment, cutting device, hydraulic station, PLC control system and finished product rack.



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