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Advantages Of Cement Tile

Cement tile color light sample, bright, smooth and complete, no warping, no crack, the market is very good.

1 、 waterproof performance is the best

Kawaradani bottom structure only filter press molding tile to be done, so that rainwater flows out more smoothly and more quickly, to avoid the forming roller type of ordinary cement tile rainwater countercurrent phenomenon. In addition, the molding of tiles, some of the head higher part of the water blocking role, that is used in the horizontal roof, there will be no rain countercurrent phenomenon.

2, the highest compressive performance (model accuracy, can be designed according to demand)

After molding, high strength (1 million 250 thousand Newton pressure), accurate size (420mm x 330mm, about 9 pieces per square), uniform density. The bending strength greater than 200 kg is enough for construction personnel to walk freely on the already laid roof.

3 、 construction performance is the most convenient

Both vertical and horizontal laying are both convenient and feasible. On the general sloping roof, the tile can be cut by wet method without cutting the tile strip and cutting machine at any angle.

4, wind resistant performance is strongest

The upper and lower left molded tile joint and slope inclined roof, to form a tight overall.

5, heat insulation performance is best

The joint test Japanese solar research center shows that in three months the hottest, with moulded batten laying tiles and roof in the table of daily average temperature of 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.89 degrees Celsius), greatly reduce the air conditioning load, thermal performance is better than other kinds.

6, frost resistance super

After 25 times of freeze-thaw cycle test show that tile frost resistance reached Japan's JIS standard, far better than other kinds.

7, anti permeability performance of the most perfect

The tile with large tonnage press molding area to use, without water. Large density, low water absorption, its impermeability is much higher than other types of tiles, in the long-term use of rain and snow areas, water seepage will not appear.


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