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Bending Machine Machinery Manufacturing Industry Rising Star

Buy bending machine is considered the first important matter: the need for production of spare parts, is the purchase of a complete processing tasks with the table minimum, minimum tonnage machine.

Careful consideration of materials and the Max thickness and length. If most of your work is low carbon steel 16 gauge thickness, the maximum length of 10 feet, then no free bending is greater than 50 tons. However, if a large number of bottom die forming, might consider a 160-ton machine. If most of the artifacts are 5 feet or less, tonnage is almost cut in half, thereby greatly reducing acquisition costs. Parts length to determine the specifications of the new machine is quite important.

Under the same load, 10 foot table and sliders appears flexural is 5-foot-4 times. This means that the shorter machine requires less shim adjustments, will be able to produce qualified parts. Reducing shim adjustment reduces preparation time.