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Bending Machine Market Is Expected To Rebound Back To Top

Shears through to the movement of the upper blade and a fixed lower blade by using the proper blade gap, imposed on a variety of thickness of sheet metal shear, break the plate according to the size required separation.

Shears used to cut straight edges of sheet blanks. Shearing process should ensure the shears cutting line on the surface of and parallel degree requirements, and to minimize the plate distortions to obtain high quality parts. On the shearing machine blade fixed to the holder, blade fixed in under work surface.

Workbench is installed on supporting balls for easy sliding on top of the sheets is not scratched. Backgauge for sheet positioning, adjust the position by motor. Pressure cylinder used for pressing sheets, to prevent the movement of sheet shearing. Barrier is a safety device in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Return nitrogen gas, speed and shock.