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Brief Introduction Of Glazed Tile Machine

Glazed tile press machine is divided into three parts: roller forming part, pressing part and cutting part. The roller forming part is driven by an electric motor, and the chain drives each roller to rotate. The pressing part is a hydraulic cylinder, which drives the mold to move up and down. It can press the color steel into many sections, which is similar to the glazed tile. The cutting knife part is a hydraulic cylinder, which drives the cutter to move up and down, and can cut off the colored steel tile. Glazed tile machine equipment (tile machine) produced products with light weight, high strength, heavy load, good seismic characteristics, is widely used in many high-rise steel structure construction field.

The production process of the tile press is as follows: the color steel plate enters the roller forming part, and after forming to the pressing part, it is pressed into a section of equal distance. The cutter is responsible for the fixed length cutting. Pressure tile machine glazed tile machine production of steel equipment is the modernized factory building, warehouse, construction of high-rise buildings and large gas station and other construction field, and even the glazed tile type color steel tile, the appearance of the building is vivid and beautiful. These colored steel tiles are made of color steel plates by special tile pressing machines. The control system of glazed tile pressing machine can accomplish single plate cutting function. Control system features: the control system is simple operation, normal automatic production, no need to reverse, but a progress, pressure type, cutting completed. The accuracy is high, and the shearing accuracy of each piece is less than 0.1mm, which meets the requirement of the process. The program runs stably and reliably. With KDN-K3 series PLC and text screen as the core of tile press control system, the operation is simple, high precision. Be well received by users. This control system has replaced the original single board computer control system. The tile press, controlled by this control system, has been exported abroad. The color steel plate enters the tile pressing machine and is pressed into various shapes by various roller wheels, and is cut into the quantitative length by the cutting knife. If you need glazed tile shape, you can also press type. This makes all kinds of colored steel tiles.


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