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Cold Bending Equipment Can Change The Shape Of Steel

Cold bending equipment can change the shape of steel

People use steel to make many products, but the shapes of these products are different. When manufacturing, they need to turn the steel into the shape needed by the product. Sometimes it is necessary to bend the steel. Cold-bending equipment is used at this time. The steel is made from steel Produced in the factory.

However, when making iron and steel, steel mills only make several types of steel, which is small in shape and relatively simple in shape. Steel mills do not make many complicated shapes of steel because it increases the cost, Made into a simple shape of the cost is relatively low.

After people buy steel, they have to manufacture themselves by using cold-bending equipment because the steel that the steel factory betrays is simple in shape and can not be used to make products. Only in this way can the steel products be made. Steel is a very hard thing. It takes a great deal of strength to bend their shape, and the cold-bending equipment can do the same, turning the steel into the machine and turning it around without the need for heating, so that people can use it Steel made this product after this bend.


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