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Cold-formed Machinery And Equipment Design And Manufacturing Features

1, the track arc is the core part of the track, the first few Road pressure after the formation of arc-bit, in the latter pass rolling edge, the arc has been formed by the upper and lower roll or horizontal wheel, the effective protection of the bundle , Otherwise, the material will change in the arc during the stretching process, R becomes smaller triangular, steel ball is not in the end, two points of contact produce noises, R becomes larger, with the rail to produce shaking, the track when using the track fuzzy, Uneven stress, slide deformation, shorten life expectancy.

2, the principle of the average force of every pass, the average force across the board roller wear balance, to extend the life of the roller. The company is located in:

3, rolling stability problems, often encountered in the production of materials in the raceway left and right side of the problem, in fact, is a single roller by the asymmetric, the left force, the material to the right side of the swing; the right force, material Swing to the left.

4, C12MoV roll material is the use of its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory, heat treatment to use C12MoV red hardness, quenching, twice or even three times to reach the hardness of the tempering.