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Cz Steel Machinery And Equipment Process

cz steel machinery and equipment process: Strip from the tail of the equipment into the press after a variety of pressure roller into the C-beam sent from the head. In the traditional process, C-shaped steel after the need for artificial fixed-length cut off, and then moved to the red Hole equipment in accordance with customer requirements of the size of the hole, the production can not be continuous, inefficient.Through the gradual improvement of production technology, the final realization of the entire process of automatic control, dramatically improve the production efficiency and increase the technical content of customer equipment and additional value.

cz steel machinery and equipment Main features: roll bearing steel (GR15), after forging annealing; base with 310H steel; using the next five on the four leveling, to ensure smooth; use of secondary molding, to ensure that products Founder and right angle, Above the size can be produced; rolling material thickness 1.5mm-3mm (also based on user requirements design thickness).