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History of Cold Bending Molding Technology in Foreign Countries

History of Cold Bending Molding Technology in Foreign Countries

1). Production continues to increase

Since the sixties of this century, the output of cold-formed steel in foreign countries has rapidly increased. This is the general trend. According to statistics of cold-formed steel in various countries over the years, the output of cold-formed steel and the output of steel are relatively stable in a certain proportion. From 1.5: 100 to 4: 100. For example, the development plan formulated in 1975 by the former Soviet Union stipulated that the output of cold-formed steel in 1990 will account for 4% of the total steel output. With the improvement of cold-formed steel production technology, the product specifications and varieties will continue to increase, and the quality of products will continue to improve , The scope of application is expanding day by day. The former Soviet Union is reformulating the original development plan in 1979, stipulating that it will reach 5% in 1990 and some other countries plan to increase the output of cold-formed steel products. Now, the output of cold-formed steel products in foreign countries is about 10 million tons per year, Accounting for 3% of the world's total steel.

2) Research is in progress

Foreign research on roller cold forming theory, forming technology and molding equipment is in-depth, and a series of progress has also been made on the practical application of cold-formed steel. For example, the former Soviet Union and the United States have used electronic computers to study the force and energy parameters in cold forming and discuss the deformation methods with the lowest energy consumption.

3). New technology continues to emerge

Roll cold forming process Since the success of the United States in 1910, after decades of improvement and improvement, the molding process is maturing. With the cold-formed steel in the practical application of the technical and economic results are increasingly recognized, cold-formed steel is widely used in all areas of the national economy. Users of cold-formed steel quality requirements more stringent requirements of diverse varieties specifications, so that the roll forming process to promote continuous improvement to meet user requirements, foreign countries in the development of roll forming process and the development of the corresponding equipment, the use of Roll forming machine with a plug-in, forming roller centralized adjustment of the forming unit referred to as CTA unit (Central Tool Adjustment), straight edge forming unit.

4) increasing product variety, product structure constantly updated.

With the development of cold-formed steel production and the expansion of the scope of application, the varieties of cold-formed steel continue to increase, the product structure is continuously updated, and product standards are gradually improved. With the continuous emergence of new technology, the growing range of blank material and specifications, now the specifications of cold-formed steel products have been produced more than 10,000, of which specifications for the cold-formed steel range: billet width of 10mm-2500mm, a thickness of 0.1 mm ~ 32mm. From the cold-formed steel material point of view, before the seventies of this century is mainly carbon steel, the more accounted for 90%; since the seventies, through practical application of technical and economic comparison, the promotion of the use of high strength low alloy steel, alloy steel and Stainless steel, the proportion of ordinary carbon steel products declined year by year, the proportion of alloy steel, high strength low alloy steel and stainless steel products increased year by year.


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