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Features Of C Steel Forming Machine

C type steel equipment is a set of roll single roll forming machine production of various specifications of C purlin finished. The machine is mainly composed of passive loading rack, leveling device, punching device, forming cutting off device, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc.. The machine adopts automatic flying saw, punching, easy operation and so on. C type steel pressure tile machine C type steel rolling equipment with bending and compression properties of good flatness good, automatic cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, convenient installation, can be used as the main products of large and medium-sized industrial and civil construction force structure, such as load bearing roof and wall flat building, warehouse, garage, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, fair flower shed support.

Cold formed steel is the main material for making light steel structures. It is made of cold rolled steel or steel strip. The wall thickness of C steel machine can be made very thin, and the production process is greatly simplified, and the production efficiency is improved. It is possible to produce cold-formed sections of various profiles and different materials with uniform wall thickness but complicated sectional shape. The C type steel molding machine made of C type purlin bending product has good compression performance, good flatness, automatic cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, convenient installation.

Willing International is a professional manufacturing & exporting company engaged in the field of steel structure, whose products are 100% for export, and well sold in America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and etc. Zhejiang Willing International Co., Ltd holds two factories, one mainly develops and produces steel roll forming machines and the other mainly produces the construction material for steel structure.

The main business scope covers following items:

1)New construction industry prefabricated equipment unit

2)Intelligent molding equipment

3)Steel cold roll forming production line

4)Customized mechanical and electrical integration equipment

5)High-speed rolling equipment

6)Steel bar truss welding production line 

7)Steel mesh forming units 

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