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How To Improve The Cold Bending Forming Machine As The Best Condition

Cold roll forming machine is one of the most commonly used shutter device, the accuracy of its effect depends largely on the device itself, so in the course of its operation, ensure the cold roll forming machine is the best state to achieve the best results, so we should start from what aspects?

First of all, the selection of the key components of the cold roll forming machine, that is, the roller, its material must have good wear resistance, hardness and strength. The second is to ensure the stability of operation of cold roll forming machine, the materials will be at the mercy of the swing in the roll in the process, so we can control the swing according to the actual stress direction.

At the same time is roller processing roll forming machine in precision; moreover, the roller cone bearing main transmission equipment, and ensure the radial runout of spindle in 0.04MM to the table, so as to avoid the movement.


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