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Introduction Of Cold Bending Forming Machine

Cold bending forming machine is a multi pass forming roller which is arranged sequentially, and the metal plate strip such as coiled material and strip is continuously bent transversely so as to make the plastic processing machinery of the special section profile.

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Our company engaged in top quality building materials equipment design , product and sale in a long-term, our product development along the Internet +, machine replacement, high-speed and other aspects of rapid development. 

The main business scope covers following items:

1)New construction industry prefabricated equipment unit

2)Intelligent molding equipment

3)Steel cold roll forming production line

4)Customized mechanical and electrical integration equipment

5)High-speed rolling equipment

6)Steel bar truss welding production line 

7)Steel mesh forming units 

Especially our high speed rolling equipmentdouble steel truss welded molding production line and steel mesh forming units are successful to fill the gaps at home and abroad. 


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