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Introduction Of Flange Forming Machine

Flange forming machine has mechanical and hydraulic type, is to make all kinds of steel coil made of circular or spiral winding device. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, no noise, convenient installation and operation, simple operation, strong bearing capacity, long service life, fast coiling speed, reliable product quality, etc.. Flange machine is a carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal sections, coil made of more than 350 diameter (for smaller diameter, the need to process new molds) ring and flange of a high efficiency coil device. The complex process of material, docking, correction, lathe processing instead of the original steel plate, and saves oxygen, acetylene, labor, raw materials, advanced manufacturing base flange.

The product is widely used in fans, bridges, templates, chemical equipment, cable racks, mining explosion-proof switches, centrifuges and other mechanical equipment industry applications. Flange forming machine uses three rollers on the mold, the various profiles, such as: flat steel, channel, round tube or other special-shaped section of the coil bending into a certain curvature of the round, arc, spiral. The die of the utility model is a combined type, and the utility model can be suitable for various shapes after the change and combination.


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