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Main Performance Of Non Burning Forming Machine

1, no-burn molding machine super steel structure design, extensive use of imported original, so that the body more stable and reliable.

2, efficient, super-strong excitation system design. The use of computer-controlled hydraulic system flow pressure, to achieve vertical synchronous vibration, frequency, braking, and double-ended output, balanced and efficient transmission of vibration force to the mold box to improve product density and mold box life.

3, free molding machine machine using PLC and man-machine interface control system to achieve random signal analysis and fault diagnosis, need a variety of parameters set, so that the machine to achieve the best results.

4, free firing machine equipped with a dedicated hydraulic plate machine, can easily achieve large output, automated production, save a lot of manpower, maintenance yard and working capital investment.

5, semi-enclosed forced fabric system, so that the fabric is more uniform and fast. Installation and maintenance of block forming machine

Willing International is a professional manufacturing & exporting company engaged in the field of steel structure, whose products are 100% for export, and well sold in America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and etc. Zhejiang Willing International Co., Ltd holds two factories, one mainly develops and produces steel roll forming machines and the other mainly produces the construction material for steel structure.

The main business scope covers following items:

1)New construction industry prefabricated equipment unit

2)Intelligent molding equipment

3)Steel cold roll forming production line

4)Customized mechanical and electrical integration equipment

5)High-speed rolling equipment

6)Steel bar truss welding production line

7)Steel mesh forming units

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