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Maintenance Of Block Forming Machine

1 Check the host before driving is complete, than with loose and electrical loose, electrical grounding is good.

2 check the vibration platform, mold box and slider, vibrator and indenter beam, feeding settings and the main frame and other parts of the connection bolt is loose;

3 check the activities of the part, and according to lubrication requirements plus lubricants;

4 prohibits vibrator no-load operation;

5 After the end of the work every day, the various parts of the machine should be in the initial state and thoroughly clean the various parts of the machinery to prevent concrete in the mechanical condensation, but not water washing machine;

6 vibration devices and reducer should be regularly replaced with lubricants and maintenance, vibration device in at least six months to dismantle, cleaning, oil change once;

7 electrical control cabinet and electrical control part should pay attention to moisture, sun, dust;

8 check the floor size, substandard are not allowed to use, so as not to damage the machine damage.

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