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Maintenance Of Decoiler

In order to make the machine life longer, we need to take care of it carefully. The steps are as follows:

1, according to the requirements of the oil lubrication and lubrication points of artificial gas.

2. According to the parameters specified in the uncoiling machine, the coil thickness is 20mm, the maximum length is 2500mm, and the yield limit of the material is less than 250Mpa.

3, after the power supply, the lower roller positive and negative two directions and the upper roller lifting movement, check the movements are all normal card phenomenon.

4, strictly according to the uncoiling machine winding processing procedures and operation method, in the upper roll to the limit position, we must pay great attention to the safe operation of equipment.

5, when the main transmission stop, you can carry on the roll up and down, flip the bearings dumping reset and the upper roller tilt.

6, in the course of running, if found irregular noise, impact and other abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop inspection.

7, the operation of the personnel should coordinate with each other, obey the command of the person in charge of the coil, no password, prohibit the use of machines.

8, the uncoiling machine coil operation should pay great attention to the hand pressed by the steel plate and steel plate together.

9 when lifting a steel plate or reel, take care not to collide with the machine.

After the completion of the unwinding machine, make sure that the work is finished, the site is clear, and the equipment maintenance work is done and the power supply is turned off in time.


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