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Matters Needing Attention When Using I-beam Cold Bending Machine

Proper use of equipment, careful implementation of equipment maintenance, compliance with safe operating procedures, is to reduce equipment failure to extend the service life of equipment to ensure safe production of the necessary conditions, equipment operators and maintenance personnel must understand the equipment structure, performance, maintenance methods and Operating procedures.

1. Do not start the motor until the tank has been filled with oil. Before use, check whether the oil in the fuel tank is full, if it is insufficient, fill it up to prevent the oil pump from getting empty. The hydraulic oil used in the equipment must be rigorously filtered before it can be injected into the fuel tank. The fuel tank must be cleaned before loading. It is generally recommended to use 46 or 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

 2. This equipment is oil for the media, you must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of oil and equipment, so as to avoid siltation or oil leakage affect the use of results. Oil must be kept clean for the first time should not exceed two months, when replaced, should be cleaned at the same time filters and fuel tanks, pay attention to the filter can be washed in kerosene can not brush with a hard brush, such as the oil is not Metamorphism, after filtration can still be used.

 3. Often check the device lubrication needs clogging.

4. After each class work, please use the point to recover the fuel tank.

5. If you do not use the device for a long time, apply anti-rust oil on the sliding surface.


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