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Metal Hydraulic Rolling Equipment Operation Methods And Precautions

The operation of the equipment and precautions:

1, the device first adjust the level of horizontal and vertical, and equipment with foot screws, to ensure the smooth running of the equipment and workpiece machining accuracy.

2, the installation of the necessary processing materials corresponding to the mold.

3, check the device's electrical circuits and connected to the power Open car test equipment is running well, if abnormal sound should be immediately stopped and ask professionals to troubleshoot before use.

4, to ensure safety, equipment and external power supply connection and control cabinet must have a professional electrician to complete.

5, the processing of the workpiece into the mold to adjust the guide agencies and feeding agencies. Then open the forming mechanism, and adjust the workpiece R, to meet the processing requirements.

6, the device has a feeding mechanism feeding agencies, guide agencies and forming agencies. Feeding and steering mechanism for the hand wheel manual control, walking and forming the button control. A1, A2 for the wheel, B1, B2 for the wheel, C for the forming wheel, D for the workpiece.

7, the control cabinet for the universal type 4, contactor control forward, backward and forming wheel displacement.


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