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My Opinion On The Development Direction Of Chinese Folding Machine

Our folding machines from 50 now, after 50 years of unremitting efforts, has made brilliant achievements, we know that liberation can only engage in simple paper folding machine repair we, today, our folding machine is close to the international level in the early 90 's, what a brilliant achievement.

From 50 to 70, mainly producing knives-folding machine, its products mainly include souvenir knife folding machine ZY101 to ZY104 ZYH660 and knife folding machine; the early 90 's, started to enter the secondary development; by the middle of the 90 's, we entered a period of independent development. Even today, the folding variety is increasing, mixed type, grating, 780, 670, 660, 490 and other emerging; also continues to improve, Parallels, cross folding, accordion fold, Dan Lian, duplex, and countless speed folding, folding quality improvement of ZYH660 of 160M/min,ZYH490 of 180M/min.

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