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Roll Forming Machine

Classification of color steel forming equipment

Color steel molding equipment can be produced according to the color plate and divided into many models. But according to the use of shaped steel plate can be divided into wall panels and roofing timber.

Wall panels are generally more common common veneer plate, so the equipment used to produce is also more common veneer molding equipment (such as 840, 860, 900, etc.). Here the number on the model, generally refers to the effective coverage of the color plate. Roofing board materials can be divided into Caigang glazed tiles, horns and so on. Used to produce such plate type of equipment is generally called color steel glazed tile equipment, angle relaxation forming equipment. Different areas will have different names, but the expression is the same meaning. Meticulous, respectively, are generally formed by the effective coverage of the plate to distinguish (such as 1000-color steel glazed tile equipment, 1100-color steel glazed tile equipment, etc.).

The characteristics of color steel forming equipment

The centerline of the upper and lower roll of the steel tile shall be on the same plane line, whichever is the center wheel, the flatness is not more than 1mm, the gap of each row is equal to the upper and lower rolls, and the gap deviation is + 0.1mm. Debug with conventional gauges or feelers. The press plate formed by the machine roll, both solemn and elegant, and beautiful and novel, and the appearance of smooth, ripple uniform, high utilization, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost, durable. Products are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises of civil construction, such as plant, garage, hangar, stadium exhibition hall, theaters and so on. It is widely used in industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses, garages, hangars, gymnasiums, and so on. It is widely used in industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses, garages, hangars, Exhibition halls, theaters and other houses and walls. Its components include: machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pump station system, fully automatic after cutting system equipment features: The color plate equipment using high level of automatic control software to achieve the production of information management.

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