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The Maintenance Method Of Cold Forming Machine

Cold bending machine maintenance is mainly the main shaft and bearing lubrication adjustment nut swing and the pressure of steel, oil hole every class of oil regularly clean the material to determine the residue inside the bearing no impurities are not lack of oil, the user's careful Essential. The cold forming machine is fixedly displaced, and the shrinkage or expansion displacement between the terminal of the cold forming machine and the initial support is only a fraction of the data shown in the table, usually from the center of the roll to each of the cold forming machines The amount of displacement at each end is only half of the amount of shrinkage or expansion. Note that the thickness of the steel purlins can not exceed the screw's self-drilling ability. The cold-formed machine is currently supplied with a plastic head with a stainless steel cap or a special durable In addition, the choice of self-tapping screws. Fixed screw selection should be selected in accordance with the construction life of the fixed parts.

In addition to the screws, the other screws are equipped with waterproof washers, and for the lighting plate and the special pressure under the conditions are equipped with the corresponding public gasket and some details of the disposal is more important. In the roof and the roof will be cold bending machine to stop the corresponding edge of the task, easy to install the purpose of its purpose in order to more effectively prevent the rain into the roof.



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