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Wallboard Machine Equipment Troubleshooting

Wall machine production line of the basic problems of the main problems in four aspects:

First, the phenomenon of leakage, wallboard machine if the use of time is too long, a long time, some parts of the individual equipment may be leakage phenomenon, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, including mechanical loosening, vibration And the impact of heat the machine, the machine seals and pipe joints, etc., there will be leakage phenomenon;

Second, the loosening phenomenon, the wall board parts are mostly geometric shape and with the size of the deviation, in the early application, due to the impact, vibration and other loads, as well as heat, deformation and other factors, It is easy to loose, therefore, do a good light partition board inspection and maintenance work is essential,

Third, the wall board machine mostly used in the motor, if the motor lubrication is bad, it may lead to lubricating oil is not easy in the equipment friction surface to form a uniform oil film, causing wear and tear, which is due to the new equipment with the gap between the smaller parts, but also possible Due to assembly and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the gap caused by the failure phenomenon.

Fourth, the human factors, because the training is not in place, or the familiarity of equipment and equipment is not enough, do not follow the provisions of the blind operation of the phenomenon of equipment is common, it is easy to lead to product failure, affecting product yield and quality.

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