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What Is Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel is a kind of polyurethane insulation sandwich board for building. It is also called anti leakage sandwich roof board, polyurethane foam insulation board, polyurethane composite board, PU board and so on. It is a widely used and highly potential energy-saving building envelope, and is also a new energy saving plate promoted and promoted by the Ministry of construction.

The building material is a composite board made of polyurethane rigid foam as insulation layer. It is mainly used in industrial kitchen, logistics, warehousing, roofing and maintenance systems of integrated houses.

The production of polyurethane sandwich panel requires advanced sandwich panel continuous production line. The process is made of internal and external zinc plating (aluminized zinc), colored steel plate cold bending forming, and middle coating polyurethane rigid foam. The use of patented technology of anti leakage sandwich roof panels, but also the advantages of polyurethane sandwich panels to the extreme.

This product has the following characteristics:

1) low thermal conductivity, polyurethane sandwich panel composite board has the advantages of small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation. It is the best thermal insulation material at present.

2) the plate shape is beautiful and easy to install

3) good fire resistance

4) non-toxic and tasteless

5) use a wide range of temperature

6) waterproof and damp proof

Polyurethane sandwich panel appearance, the overall effect is good, it sets of bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproof in one, and no two decoration, convenient installation, short construction period, good comprehensive benefits, good price advantage


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