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What Is Sandwich Panel Sheets

The most typical sandwich composite material is usually composed of panels, cores, and glued layers.


Tensile and compressive stresses in sandwich sandwich structures. Local bending stiffness is often small to negligible. Traditional materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass fiber reinforced plastic are often used for surface materials. With the rapid development of carbon fiber, carbon fiber is now one of the main choices of sandwich sandwich composite.


The role of the core material is that the supported panels do not produce inward or outward bending (deformation) and hold them in the corresponding positions. Because the core material is usually low in density, the sandwich structure material is greatly reduced in quality compared to non-sandwich structural materials that can bear the same load. The core also has a role in which the addition of the two panels is widened and the panel spacing The larger the moment of inertia of the entire section of the sandwich structure, the greater the overall strength of the section, so the core material usually requires better shear strength.

Glue layer

In order to allow the surface layer and the core material to cooperate with each other, the adhesive between the topsheet and the core material must be able to conduct the shearing force between them. The adhesive must be capable of carrying shear and tensile stresses, and the adhesive layer usually consists of resin.


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