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What Is Uncoiling Machine

The uncoiling machine is a special equipment for leveling sheet metal. It is used for leveling steel plate and uneven plate. It can be composed of uncoiling, leveling, shearing production line and other sheet products production line according to relevant configuration. Applicable to machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structure, decoration and other industries.

The uncoiler is arranged in the front part of the unit entrance, and No. 1 and No. 2 corresponding coil car. One of the functions of the unit's uncoiling machine is to carry out uncoiling when the tension of the strip is maintained, and another significant function is to realize automatic alignment of the strip under its central control (CPC). The conventional continuous annealing and color coating machine is equipped with 2 uncoiling machines. As the two uncoiling machines open the books alternately, they create preconditions for the continuous production of the subsequent equipment of the unit. The cutting line is equipped with an uncoiling machine. Strip tension entrance is consists of Uncoiler and Unit No. 1 tension roller group jointly established.

The machine body of the uncoiling machine is a welded box structure, and the variable frequency speed regulating motor drives the reel shaft through the gear box to provide an active force for the uncoiling machine. The reel of the uncoiling machine is a hollow shaft, and the driving gear is installed between the bearings by supporting the gears on the gear box through two bearings. The gear box is lubricated by forced lubrication, and the closed oil lubrication system is equipped with two constant speed motors. The mandrel is a cantilever structure, and the front end of the mandrel is supported by an outer supporting bearing to maintain the rigidity and stability of the uncoiling machine.

Core shaft of Uncoiler through four end connecting four fan-shaped plate with slope dovetail groove, each sector plate at the end by a radial slide to prevent axial movement, but can be achieved along the radial direction. In the end of reel shaft is connected with a rotating cylinder, the cylinder piston rod through the drum shaft center rod driven axial sliding front four prism shaft, so as to drive the sector plate radial expansion. The reel can be added to the nominal diameter by the addition of four panels. The frame of an uncoiling machine can move on the guide rail of a machine frame and is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, and the central position control can be realized. For enhancing the stability of the drum, drum head design supporting arm device, when a steel roll when the support arm through the cylinder driving, hold the drum head, usually the support arm retracted, will not affect the steel coil winding.


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