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Metal Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

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Metal Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

The Metal Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine is a comprehensive roll forming line that includes:

1, 8T/10T hydraulic decoiler

2, Feeding device

3, Main roll forming system

4, Encoder system

6, Hydraulic cutting system

7, PLC controller

8, Hydraulic station

9, Auto stacker

10, Extra spare parts

Metal Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine can be used as a composite floor system or as a permanent form work. It binds with concrete slab and together forms a part of the floor structure. The interlocking between the concrete and the roof floor deck occurs by a system of embossment and ribs that are built into the deck, creating a reinforced concert slab. This fast and simple installation using high strength product, gives immediate access to a working platform of permanent form and positive reinforcement. With its advantage, the steel roof deck is widely used various steel constructions

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