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C&Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line

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C&Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line

The C&Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line is a comprehensive roll forming line that includes:

1, 3T manual/hydraulic decoiler

2, Feeding device

3, Pre-punching system

4, Main roll forming system

5, Encoder system

6, Hydraulic cutting system

7, PLC controller

8, Hydraulic station

9, Support table

10, Extra spare parts

WILLING INT’L offers an exceptionally broad range of metal roof and wall panel profiles, panel widths and finishes to meet any design objective. With one of the most technically advanced paint-lines in the world, all of our roofing products finishes are low-gloss, environmentally friendly, and backed by widely recognized product testing, the best warranties in the industry, and engineering expertise.

Key features of the C&Z Shape Changeable Purlin Production Line line includes

Purlin roll forming machine.png

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