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Edge Roll Forming Machine

Edge Roll Forming Machine

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Edge Roll Forming Machine

The Edge Roll Forming Machine is a comprehensive roll forming line that includes:

1, 3T manual/hydraulic decoiler

2, Feeding device

3, Pre-punching system

4, Main roll forming system

5, Encoder system

6, Hydraulic cutting system

7, PLC controller

8, Hydraulic station

9, Support table

10, Extra spare parts

Capable of accommodating a variety of geometric shapes, WILLING INT’L wall panels give architects the opportunity to employee more imaginative and creative designs. WILLING INT’L full line of wall panels can be formed to accommodate the simplest and most complex geometry, including curves and they offer architects, contractors and building owners unmatched design elegance. WILLING INT’L wall panel systems are easy to install and are designed to meet all applicable ASTM tests, as well as tests for impact resistance.

Key features of the Edge Roll Forming Machine line includes

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